Waterville Police Searching For Stolen Guns After Arrest 

Waterville Police have arrested two men accused of stealing three guns from another man last month.

Police have recovered one of the guns but are still searching for the other two.

19-year-old Alexander Salas and 20-year-old Jordan Doolan, both from Waterville, are charged with felony theft. The Somerset County Sheriffs Department and the Fairfield Police were also involved in the investigation that lead to the arrest of the two men.

Salas, who was on probation on an unrelated robbery charge, was also charged with possesion of a firearm by a prohibited person.

“It’s very serious that’s why the theft’s Class B. We take getting these guns back very seriously because we want to get them back before they have the opportunity to be involved in further criminal activity,” said Detective Sergeant William Bonney of the Waterville Police Department.

The two guns that remain missing are a:

* Walther PPK S

* Smith and Wesson semi-automatic handgun

If you have information that might help, call Waterville Police 680-4700