Riverview Stripped Of Federal Funding 

Riverview Psychiatric Center in Augusta has temporarily closed its doors to new patients. This move follows the federal government cutting off funding for the facility.

Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew says it means a loss of abot $20 million in funding, which is about half of Riverview’s operating budget.

The hospital had been in danger of losing funding for several weeks due because of a number of problems found after a federal inspection including overcrowding.

Mayhew says the facility has addressed several of the concerns raised by federal officials. She thought the hospital was back on track after the centers for medicare and medicaid services accepted its plan to correct the problems in August.

For now, Riverview will not take in new civil patients.

“That’s why we are are reaching out to other inpatient providers to determine what capacity exists there and how best we can try to address that. My fear is that that will not provide for all of the demand for inpatient services and it’s why I remain incredibly disappointed in the federal decision,” Mayhew said.

Mayhew says she plans to appeal the decision, but with the government shutdown, there’s no way of telling when the appeal will be heard.