Men Charged in RV Burglaries and Thefts 

Two men are charged with burglary and theft after reportedly breaking into recreational vehicles at Harvey’s RVs in Glenburn and Webb’s RV Center in Bangor.

Maine State Police Trooper Tucker Bonnevie says Eugene Horn, 37, and Paul St. Onge, 42, are known criminals. Trooper Bonnevie says one of the men has a rap sheet that’s 40 pages long.

Horn and St. Onge reportedly stole televisions and stereos from Rvs, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Bonnevie says surveillance video shows the two men getting out of a truck and breaking into an RV.

According to Bonnevie, 24 new units at Harvey’s RVs were broken into. The damages at Harvey’s range from $542 to $4,500.

Bonnevie says two of the stolen television sets and one stereo were found hidden in a house in Milo where Horn’s girlfriend lives.

Bangor police declined to comment about the investigation into the burglaries and theft at Webb’s RV Center.

More charges could be filed against Horn and St. Onge.