Foxcroft Academy Students “Film Forward” 

Creating a cultural dialogue for audiences around the world through film.

That’s the goal of the “Film Forward” program.

It’s an initiative run by national groups that include the “Sundance Institute.”

Monson was chosen as one of eight stops worldwide for the program.

There was a showing today at Foxcroft Academy where students had a one of a kind visitor.

A producer of the 2013 Oscar nominated film “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” Michael Gottwald, came to discuss and screen his film.

“It’s one of those things that when you hear Sundance you’re like, is this real? So it’s a huge honor and privilege for it to be in Monson and for us to be a site here,” said Foxcroft Academy’s Assistant Head of School Jonathan Pratt.

It’s also quite the learning opportunity for students who take film and media classes at the school.

“Our film is based in Southern Louisiana, but I’ve found already just by being here in Maine that there are certain connections that everyone here can make to the story that we have of this little community being hit by a disaster, a hurricane,” said Gottwald.

“I feel pretty privileged to have this opportunity to have something like this come to our school. I’m in filmmaking, so this is a pretty nice that we get to come see this as we’re doing our own projects and stuff,” said Foxcroft Academy senior Corbyn Bruce.

“I think that one of the things this film capitalizes on is showing emotion and getting the viewer to feel what you want them to feel and that’s important when you’re making films,” said junior Fern Morrison.

And since this film was made without much glitz or glamour, it also shows the students,

“More than ever before, a film can really happen anywhere. What we’ve tried to do in Louisiana, somebody could do in Maine, somebody could do anywhere, so any of the kids here, students here, if they had a story to tell and they had a group of willing friends, they could make something happen,” said Gottwald.