Shutdown Hits Maine 

Because of the Federal Government shutdown, about 800,000 federal workers are not on the job, including thousands in Maine.

“It’s uncertain what will happen next, but I strongly believe this is no way to govern. It’s irresponsible and it’s really unfair to people who rely directly on essential government programs,” said (R) Senator Collins.

Some agencies have enough money to function for now, but Acadia National Park closed its gates during the important fall foliage season.

“It affects restaurant owners and servers, it affects gift shop owners, it affects those who work at inns and hotels. The ramifications for our economy are really quite serious,” Collins said.

The director of the Husson University School of Accounting, Dewey Martin, says the local impact will be minimal.

“From a business perspective, that’s obviously dollars that will be decreased dollars going into the economic system, there might be a hit, but I think it’s overstated,” Martin said.

The shutdown comes on the most ironic of days, the first day Americans and Mainers could sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, the law House Republicans have attempted to de-fund again and again.

“The focus would have been on the problems with Obamacare and it’s inequities and implementation difficulties and instead the story is on government shutting down.”

Senator Angus King’s website says his office won’t be answering the phones during the shutdown, but he did release a statement saying to that to allow the house to win in ┬áthese circumstances is dangerous.

“I’m really concerned about the precedent of negotiating in a situation where someone is basically holding the entire government of the United States hostage. I think that’s a bad precedent,” Senator King said.

Democratic Congressman Mike Michaud says the focus today should be on healthcare.

“Regardless of what’s happening with the shutdown, it’s important Mainers know that today they can begin to enroll in an affordable health care plan through the Affordable Care Act’s marketplace,” Michaud said.

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