Police: Mom, Daughter Ram Cars In Monmouth Cemetery 

MONMOUTH, Maine (AP) — A mother-daughter dispute caused thousands of dollars in damage at Monmouth Cemetery

Police said a woman was trying to stop her mother from driving drunk and the two ended up ramming each other’s vehicles and damaging gravestones.

Damage estimates are approaching $30,000.

One cemetery board member described his reaction when he first saw the damage.

“I couldn’t fathom it, I just walked around scratching my head, and said, ‘How could anyone continue on?’ I mean, it started up there, and ends up way down here. It wasn’t a matter of hitting something and saying ‘Oh, goodness, I hit this,’ and stopping. This was ‘I’m gonna keep going,'” Cemetery Board Treasurer Mike Cyr said.

Although police arrested both women and charged them with criminal mischief, the charges were later dropped while damage continues to be assessed.