October Proclaimed Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

Governor LePage has proclaimed October “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.”

Tuesday afternoon at the state house First Lady Ann LePage handed out the Maine Leadership Awards for Breast Health.

Maine CDC Director Dr. Sheila Pinette provided some eye-opening facts that many folks at the ceremony were unaware of before today.

“Did you know that 5% of men are afflicted with this each year? Did you know that just feeling a lump isn’t enough to be detective of breast cancer? There’s other breast cancers that appear that don’t even cause a lump,” Pinette said.
Peggy Belanger, an oncology nurse from Southern Maine Medical Center received the leadership award.

Belanger says a cancer diagnosis is no longer a death sentence.

“Now we have so much more hope for these patients and part of that and where we’ve come from is all of the clinical trials that re now available. And that’s through funding for cancer research,” she said.

Belanger says she hopes that funding will continue and reminds folks that early detection saves lives.

“People are continuing to be diagnosed with cancer. But more and more people are living with cancer.”