Maine Made Boat Making Waves 

Preparations were being made at Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding in Thomaston on Monday for the Kiwi Spirit to set sail.

The boat’s 76-year-old captain hopes to break four world records, including being the oldest person to solo circumnavigate the world, non-stop, unassisted.

“I’m a little bit nervous of course. I’m not frightened about it. I’m prepared and I’m getting better all the time. The boat is 97% ready and I’m 90% ready,” said Dr. Stanley Paris.

But it’s nothing this daredevil dual citizen of New Zealand and the U-S hasn’t done before.

“To impress my girlfriend’s father when I was only 16, I cycled 220 miles in under a day, and then I drove from England to India in the 1960s setting a record and then raced back to London, and I swam the English Channel twice, and I’ve done the World Championship Iron Man Triathalon in Hawaii,” said Paris.

If he completes the trek in less than 150 days, he’ll be breaking another record in a Maine made boat.

“Oh it’s huge. It’s huge for Maine. It’s huge for here,” said Cabot Lyman, Owner of Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding.

“It’s a testament to the fact that these guys, the generations of boat builders in Maine. This is where we’ve gone from the old wooden schooner days. It’s really cool to see a project like this come out of the state of Maine for sure,” said president of the boat building company, Drew Lyman.

“When I looked at having this boat built, I was impressed by this yard. Their price was good. Their workmanship was great,” said Paris.

During the sail, Paris will never sleep for more than thirty minutes at a time.

He has enough food for 150 days, and of course his “courage locker” is fully stocked.

“This will be my ration. I’m taking enough liquor on board for two drinks a day for 120 days, so if I take longer than 120, I’m into the punishment days,” he said.

One of the hardest challenges will be the alone factor. Paris will have contact with his family, but he will have a lot of time to himself.

“I’ve got a lot of projects, I downloaded a lot of Ebooks, I’ve got a book I’m supposed to finish writing a book on physical therapy,” said Paris.

The Kiwi Spirit sailed south to Florida, where Paris will begin his around the world trek on November 30th.

To track Paris you can follow his blog throughout his trip by visiting