Independent Leaders Talk Strategy at Husson 

Local independent leaders want to break, what they see as, gridlock in government.

Husson University hosted a forum on the subject Monday afternoon.

Panelists were asked what makes someone “truly independent.”

Guest speakers included local municipal leaders, state legislators, even high profile campaign managers.

They agree the polarization of political parties is making it hard to get things done.

“They are so concerned to maintain their power position that they practice gridlock like the rest of us breathe the air, said Jackie Salit, President of

Jill Goldthwait, a four time independent state senator from Bar Harbor said, “I am not anti-party. I think they have a valuable role to play but unfortunately have strayed rather far from their concern with the good of the country or the state into a concern of the good of the party.”

The event was co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Bangor and the Bangor Public Library.