Augusta Health Center Inches Closer to Opening Day 

It was a monumental day for Kennebec Valley Community members on Saturday, as MaineGeneral Medical Center held it’s dedication ceremony.

“We are so thrilled to be able to bring this new regional hospital to our community,” said CEO Chuck Hays.

MaineGeneral’s $312 million Alfond Center for health took 2 years to construct. 90 percent of the builders, were Mainers.

John Scott the project manager for the building said, “That’s really special, you could see it in the quality of the worksmanship of the guys in the field that they were building their hospital.”

The construction finished 7-months ahead of schedule, and on budget.

“We spent a lot of time and energy before we put the shovel in the ground, and that allowed us to plan the job in more detail and really fine tune the construction schedule,” Scott said.

The Alfond Center for Health has many modern touches to help deliver high quality care to patients.

“Every hospital room here is a private room for patients and their families, and that’s a big deal,” explained Greg Powell, the President of the Harold Alfond Foundation.

Nature is also a feature at the hospital, part of a theme that can be seen within its Maine made art. There’s also the rehabilitation garden for patients to visit, or view from their rooms.

“There are studies out there that prove that the more a patient is exposed to nature and natural light the quicker they heal,” Hays said.

Overall people say that the construction of the building has been an extraordinary opportunity.

“The notion of bringing communities together, in a state with somewhat limited resources, so that they can have something really, really great, is at the heart of what we’ve done here,” Powell said.

Speakers at the dedication ceremony thanked those behind the project, as they anticipate the opening.

“November 9th, we’re moving patients in. We can’t wait. We’re ready.”