Students Have Out of this World Experience 

Some students in Bangor got a couple of very interesting visitors today.

One is known around the world, and one has a job that’s out of this world…literally.

Josh Simpson has a really cool job, and he’s sharing it with¬†students at John Bapst High School.

For over forty years, he’s been blowing glass.

According to Josh, “I’ve been incredibly lucky as an artist. My work is in Europe, in Japan, it’s all over the United States and now it’s in Maine.”

Simpson’s exhibit, Art in Space, features his glass planets that will be on exhibit during the Acadia Night Sky Festival in Bar Harbor.

“The artwork is really, really cool how it looks like they’re on little planets and how he gets sort of inspired by her to make his own little planets.”

Speaking of space, his wife, Cady, was supposed to talk about her job, but got called away to work in Houston.

“Cady is now NASA’s most senior astronaut. She’s been with NASA since she joined in 1992.”

That didn’t stop her from Skyping with the students.

“Cady is part of a team at NASA that’s docking a supply satellite with the international space station.”

She spoke to the students about her time as an astronaut and what it takes to get to space.

Cady told the children, “I think being eager to learn, I think it’s really important to be part of a group and to work with other people and not take them for granted.”

She also gave some advice for a little project out in Hollywood.

“She talked to Sandra Bullock while she was on the space station and consulted with her about the movie gravity, which is really just a disaster flick, but I’ll think it’ll be really fun to watch.”

“She told me when we first met and she looked at my hair, that’s kind of long and straight, she said, wow it’s so different. ¬†When you were up there, I just wanted to give you a schrunchie.”

Movies, space, and art aside, getting a chance to talk to students is right up there.

“I love to share what our lives are like, and it’s just fun to tell stories and tell kids about what life is like for us.”