Fire on Hancock Street in Bangor 

Bangor firefighters do not know if someone was inside a burning garage  Friday afternoon on Hancock Street.

It happened around 2pm.

The entire garage was on fire when crews got there. Flames were reportedly as high as the trees.

A neighbor says it sounded like an explosion.

” My son was right beside me and all of a sudden the snow blower just went pow! It just blew up. Everything just started blowing up,” said Jean Severance, who lives in a house next to the garage.

The fire marshal’s office and Bangor police are investigating to see if anyone was inside the garage.

” The structure did have a partial collapse, we were never able to get into the building to determine that there was or was not anybody in there,” said Assistant Chief Rick Cheverie, of the Bangor Fire Department.

The fire melted siding on two nearby homes.

We will bring you more information when it is available.