Families Of Missing Toddler Ayla Reynolds Clash Inside & Outside Portland Courtroom 

The father of missing toddler Ayla Reynolds appeared in court on an unrelated charge but before and after the court proceeding there was bad blood between the families of Ayla’s father, and mother.

Justin DiPietro pleaded guilty to violating conditions of release and prosecutors dismissed an assault charge against him. He was to sentenced to four days in jail and a $150 fine.

Those charges were unrelated to the disappearance of his daughter, Ayla Reynolds, who went missing 21 months ago while in his care. Before DiPietro appeared in court, fireworks erupted between the two families, resulting in Ron Reynolds, Ayla’s maternal grandfather, and DiPietro’s mother, Phoebe, being removed from the courthouse.

“They say don’t be mad. Don’t be upset. I’m trying to keep my cool. Enough is enough, Where’s Ayla? Honestly where is Ayla,” Reynolds said.

After DiPietro left the courthouse, the two sides clashed again, with Ayla’s mother, Trista Reynolds, and her supporters confronting DiPietro. DiPietro and his court appointed attorney ducked into the police station where the crowd surrounded them, calling him names, including “murderer” and shouted “Where’s Ayla?”

He eventually took off running as Reynolds and her father gave chase. This comes on the heels of the Reynolds family releasing some of the blood evidence collected in the case, shown to them by investigators in January.

That evidence includes:

* A “silver dollar sized stain” of Ayla’s blood found on the sofa in the DiPietro’s living room..

* Ayla’s blood found smeared on her doll’s face and arms.

* Ayla’s blood also found on a plastic blue tote in the basement and on a sheet found inside

* A “fist size stain” of Ayla’s blood found on Justin DiPietro’s mattress and sheets

Police have said all along the three people in the house the night Ayla went missing, Justin DiPietro, his sister Elisha, and girlfriend Courtney Roberts, are withholding information.

“I don’t understand why Justin and Elisha and Courtney have not been charged yet. I don’t understand why they haven’t been charged for lying to the police. I don’t understand how every day people can keep living their life like nothing happened to my baby girl,” Trista Reynolds said outside the courthouse.

State Police Spokesman Steve McCausland says investigators have tried to keep the Reynolds family up to date on the investigation. McCausland says this is still an open and active investigation.

“She’s Ayla’s mom. She is frustrated at times. We’ve been frustrated at times too. But then we remember who we’re working for, we’re working for, Ayla.”

McCausland said police have not scheduled anymore searches but they have a mountain of evidence and they’ve conducted hundreds of interviews. But police are still waiting and hoping for either someone to come forward or the key piece of evidence that will give the family of Ayla Reynolds the closure they so desperately yearn for.

“Honestly, are we not supposed to feel like this?” Ron Reynolds asked with tears in his eyes. “Are we not supposed to hurt every day? We all miss Ayla every day. Everyday.”