Veazie Town Council Discusses Fire Department’s Future 

Veazie town council met Monday night to discuss the fate of the town’s fire department.

Town council and community members reviewed 5 different proposals on how fire protection will be provided in the future.

Those included aid proposals from Bangor and Orono’s Fire Departments.

This after Veazie voted to cut it’s department’s budget by $60,000 back in May.

Council Chair Tammy Perry says this was a necessity after the council had to make budget cuts across the board and to keep tax payers bills low.

The existing budget is not enough to keep the two full time Veazie firefighters’ jobs.

“The Veazie Fire Department has tried hard to make this work. We had a third fire truck we weren’t really using, they offered that up to see which we did sell. The fire chief retired in an effort to try to help with the budget. They’ve worked really hard, so hopefully whatever path forward we take, will be what’s best for everybody,” said Veazie Town Council Chair Tammy Perry.

“We obviously hope they stay status quo up here and keep operating with the two firefighters that are here on a full time basis. I mean it’s good for the firefighters obviously but it’s also good for the people in town,” said Ron Green Jr., 4th District Vice President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Maine.

The council decided to look into the proposals longer and recheck budget numbers.

They will meet again on October 8th.