Corinth Man Dies After Two Vehicle Accident on Rt. 15

Updated 1 year ago

Route 15 in Corinth is closed Saturday night after a deadly accident.

Penobscot Sheriff’s Office said one man is dead after a truck and car collided at the intersection of Rt. 15 and Hudson Hill road in Corinth.

Christine Hood, 36, of Berlin, New Hampshire was traveling west on Hudson Hill Road.

Officials believe the driver missed a stop sign, hitting Keith Trask, 69, of Corinth in his Buick.

He was traveling north on Rt. 15.  Both vehicles ended up in a ditch.

Trask was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Hood’s two passengers were treated and released.

The Sheriff’s office is investigating the accident.

Chief Deputy Troy Morton said, “It’s early in the investigation, but it does appear the vehicle who went through the stop sign is unfamiliar, they are out-of-staters visiting the area.”

Morton said there have been accidents at this intersection before, especially with people who are not familiar with the area.

Officials said Route 15 should reopen by late Saturday Night.

  • rubysal

    then maybe they should evaluate the intersection because clearly it is an issue. one death is too many in my opinion when it comes to fixing an issue with accidents happening at intersections.

  • Michael anderson

    This is a sad post, trask was a very respected well know man. Great at his trade. Rip

  • MoronsEverywhere

    Missed a stop sign? I don’t know about you, but when I’m out of state, I’m a lot more cautious and more alert of my surroundings. People need to learn how to drive. That simple.

  • zooface

    How can you be unfamiliar with a STOP sign? They all say the same thing”STOP”

  • Rick Ahern

    being from “out of state” does not excuse the fact of not seeing a Stop Sign … It was purely an incident of not paying attention to your surroundings while driving a motor vehicle and an innocent person and his family have paid the price …