Local Motorcycle Club Holding Winter Harbor Ride To Benefit Make-A-Wish Maine 

The Red Knights Maine Chapter Three is a unit of firefighters and their families.

“Red Knights for me has been an amazing journey. I love being a firefighter about as much as I love being in this club. This club has been amazing. They’re an amazing family,” said Road Captain, Johanna Forsythe.

“We’re together because we’re a bunch of people who like to make money to give to different organizations and charities,” said Dorance Gray, the Red Knights Maine State Representative.

For the second year in a row, the Red Knights are hitting the road Saturday for Make-A-Wish Maine.

“At ten o’clock kick stands up, and we’re going to go 125 miles, and come back here to the station,” said Gray.

“It’s really special to all of us. As first responders, we go to scenes that aren’t always the easiest to be at,” said Forsythe.

They’re hoping to have 100 bikes meet them at the new fire station in Winter Harbor for the trip.

Wayne “Bull” Archie is the fire chief and president of this chapter.

“This community has welcomed us with open arms. They know we’re a bike club, but they also know we’re firefighters, and we’re doing this for a purpose,” said Archie.

Everything raised will go to Make-A-Wish Maine.

They say if they can donate $6,000, they will be invited to see a wish be granted.

“It’d be very, very emotional for all of us. You know, we all have kids, we’re just very lucky that nothing has happened to our kids. It would be an amazing moment for all of us if we could raise enough money to do that,” said Forsythe.

If you see them on the road Saturday, don’t be bashful.

“Please wave. Honk. Show us that they appreciate what were doing. It means a lot to us, and it’s all for the kids,” said Archie.

Everyone is invited.

There will be a raffle and cookout at the new fire station.

For more information about the ride or about joining the club, call Johanna 538-7854.