Beal College and Husson University Team Up to Make Credit Transfer Easier 

Beal College and Husson University are teaming up to help more Mainers get four-year degrees.

The two Bangor schools have announced a partnership to help students at Beal College easily continue their education at Husson University.

Beal students who earn associate degrees in accounting, business management, and criminal justice will be able to transfer those credits to Husson University to work on a bachelor’s degree.

” It saves the student a lot of aggravation and it gives them the ability to get more degrees. Maine lags in the nation in terms of degree completion and this memorandum can work toward getting more bachelors degrees also for the students of the state of Maine,” said Allen Stehle, president of Beal College.

” It may take ten years to see the outcome because a working young adult who is maybe 22, 24, 26 can be a half time student at Husson University and chip away at those courses,” added Jon Henry, vice president of enrollment management at Husson University.

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