Knitting Club Puts Skills to Good Use 

There’s some cute little balls of fluff being made at Winterberry Heights in Bangor. They’re hats for newborns, and they come, in all sizes.

“Pre-mees up to 8 pounds,” says Nancy Driscoll, a lifelong knitter.

The knitting club at Winterberry Heights has spent the last year making hats for the babies at Eastern Maine Medical Center.

“We all were mothers, that’s why it means so much to us,” Driscoll said.

Nancy Driscoll started the project. She says it’s a team effort.

“Most of us knit five inches and then bound off and then others put the pompoms on and sew it up the side,” she said.

The ladies made nearly 40 hats to be delivered to EMMC.

“From the time that they’re born, immediately after birth we’ll put on a hat to keep them warm,” says Jennie Ellis, a nurse at EMMC.

Ellis also says the hats aren’t just cute, they’re key for the babies’ development.

“So after airways and breathing, circulation, the basics, that’s the next thing we’re looking at is temperature, so it’s very important to keep our babies nice and warm with hats,” Ellis said.

But they give more than just warmth.

“Makes our moms feel better that someone’s thinking of them.”