Corinna Farm Celebrates Fall With TV5 Inspired “Corn Maize” 

If you’re an autumn enthusiast, check out Thunder Road Farm in Corinna.

The Peavey Family are third generation owners who have been inviting people for ten years to try and tackle their six-acre “corn maize.”
“This year, it’s all about channel 5! What we wanted to do is we wanted to be part of your 60 years of great tv and just say congratulations and just be a part of it,” said Barbara Peavey.

To get something this amazing, the Peavey’s have professionals come out to carve the trail.

“When it gets about three inches tall, they come from Utah and cut it out for us. It’s a secret, so I can’t tell you how they cut it out, but basically, they have like three and a half hours cutting it out, and then we just maintain it as it grows,” said Peavey.

If six acres seems like too much to navigate, there are some things to help you out inside the maze.

“We actually have a passport system in there, which we have ten posts hidden within the maze. We have these questionnaires with ten questions on them,” said Peavey.

The correct answers lead you to the correct turns.

Don’t get too lost, though, because you don’t want to miss out on the other fun activities, like their jumping pillow. They say it’s the only one in the area, and it’s for all ages.

There’s also a cow train, duck races, trikes for the tikes, hay rides, and more.

The corn maze and events open each weekend through October.

For more information call 278-CORN or log on to