Police Say Three Rockland Businesses Busted for Underage Alcohol Sales

Catherine Pegram

Updated 1 year ago

Police say three Rockland businesses were busted for selling alcohol to underage customers.

Police sent people under the age of 21 into 15 area businesses on Monday night as part of a crack down on illegal alcohol sales.

Deputy Police Chief Wally Tower says the underage customers bought liquor at Wal-Mart, China Coast Restaurant and Mr. Mike’s Convenience Store.

All three businesses were issued summonses.

Tower says they now face fines of $50 to $1,500.

Their liquor licenses are also subject to a review by the city.

Tower says this is the first time police have conducted an operation like this, thanks to a government grant to pay officers overtime to monitor liquor sales at businesses.


  • spage

    surprised walmart got busted. they card me all the time and refuse if I don’t have my ID. I’m 50 with grey hair. I don’t even try to buy alcohol at Walmart if I forgot my ID anymore, not that I shop there anymore.
    One women carded me 3 days in a row when I decided to check and see if she was just being a bitch. The 3rd day I told her I forgot my ID, and asked her why she didn’t remember me after carding me the last 2 days. We even had a conversation about being carded at my age with grey hair, REMEBER, that happened yesterday?
    she played dumb, and said, ” I see lots of people every day, I cant remember everyone”

    • Batesy

      I could be totally wrong on this … but, maybe the situation above concerning the same Walmart cashier is that the store requires them to punch in the birth date from your license/ID to complete the transaction?
      I know that some establishments have that system in place.

      So, it would not matter if you went through the same register/same cashier every 30 minutes on the same day.
      She/he would still have to see your license or ID each time to complete the sale/transaction.
      Just a thought!