East Millinocket Voters to Decide on Powerball Gift to Repair H.S. Roof 

Voters in East Millinocket will soon decide whether to accept money from a multi-million dollar Powerball winner to repair the local high school.

The board of selectman voted to set a special town meeting Tuesday, September 24th at 6 p.m.

Residents will weigh in on a $1.8 million dollar gift from town native Gloria MacKenzie to fix the roof at Schenck High School.

If it’s approved, School Superintendent Quenten Clark says the state plans to pitch in $600,000 for the project, too.

Mackenzie moved to Florida years ago.

That’s where she bought a winning Powerball jackpot ticket that netted her $370 million.

It’s the largest single jackpot in lottery history.

The work could be done next summer and finished before another school year starts.

Clark says the prospect of repairing the school, which has been a concern for awhile, has given the community a big boost.