State Police: Corinth Man Who Died Put in Choke Hold After Stabbing Another Man

Catherine Pegram

Updated 1 year ago

State police say the man from Corinth who died inside the home of his estranged wife early yesterday morning was armed with a box cutter and was monitoring the inside of the house with a baby monitor.

The medical examiner says 37-year-old Christopher Darner died from “asphyxia due to compression of the neck”.

His death has been ruled a homicide.

Police were called to Beans Mill Road in Corinth around 2:30 yesterday morning.

They found Darner’s body and 24-year-old Kirt Damon, Junior, of Searsport.

He’d been stabbed in the neck and abdomen.

Police say 21-year-old Zachary Joseph of Belfast witnessed the stabbing, came to Damon’s aid and put Darner in a choke hold.

Joseph and Darner’s estranged wife were not hurt.

Investigators say Darner, who had a protection order filed against him by his wife, had entered the house sometime Saturday and rigged the baby monitoring equipment so he could watch and hear the people inside from a nearby cornfield.

In a Facebook post, Damon says “Thank you Zachery Joseph for saving my life last night. Best wingman ever!”

Police say no one has been charged in connection with Darner’s death. They are considering self-defense and defense of a third person as a possible motive.

Darner has a history of domestic violence.

He was in court two days before he died, asking a judge to lift the protection from abuse order against him.

Court records say in 2005 he was convicted of violating a protection ordering involving another victim, five times.

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  • skyler

    Chris was a nice guy and helpful and very honest about his past and how he wanted his future to be different than it. He lived for his kids he would do anything for them. His past shouldn’t be used against him. The person who killed him used to much force all he had to do was hold him down in a head lock Not a chock hold and get the box cutter from him and hold him there until police arrived. I beleive there was some kind of other motive for his death not just the self defense because they didnt have to kill him he wouldn’t have killed them. He wasnt all a bad guy his kids are also victims they won’t be able to know him and know his good points. And how much he really loved his kids.