Collective Impact Initiative 

Taking a team approach to making things better in our communities. That’s the aim of something called the collective impact initiative. Stacy Gambrel of Penquis joined Jim Morris on TV5 News at 5.

Penquis recently launched its Collective Impact Initiative, a program focused on group collaboration to create positive change in communities.

We are actively seeking projects and partners throughout the Penquis service area that are focused on improving communities. Contact 973-3545.

The idea behind Collective Impact is the recognition that we work better together than we do in isolation-no single group is responsible for a community problem, so why do we think that any single organization can cure it?
· Collective Impact brings together people from a variety of sectors-nonprofit, community, business, government to work on “big picture” problems-homelessness, unemployment, crime.
· The benefit is that we pool funding resources, share expertise, and reduce redundancies in efforts.
· What specifically is Penquis offering: technical expertise for communities interested in taking on large-scale projects-facilitating visioning sessions, surveying, long-range planning.