Sebasticook Valley Health Fair Tips 

“We really want to focus on what we can do for the community,” said Chief Medical Officer at Sebasticook Valley Health in Pittsfield, Robert Schlager.

That’s what’s behind the third annual Sebasticook Valley Health Fair.

“We really want people to think about how their diet effects their health in general”

A healthy diet and what goes in it, was at the forefront for the more than a hundred people who attended.

“Try to add fruit and vegetables to every meal,” said one dietitian.

Doctors say over eating is one of the biggest issues facing our communities.

“Obesity is a big one,” said Schlager

Sometimes the problem starts at the grocery store, before it hits the kitchen.

“Going to shop hungry,” says Chris Peterson

What Peterson from Bud’s Shop n’ Save says is a top misstep. He also says some products are disguised as healthy, but really aren’t.

“We have granola bars that are loaded with sugar and not particularly healthy,” said Peterson.

One fair-goer says she learned a new fact about something she does everyday,

“I don’t take my calcium with my vitamins in the morning…because of the absorption,” she said.

A simple and friendly reminder?

“Eat well, avoid excess, avoid high fat…” says Dr. Schlager.