Police Investigating Suspicious Man Talking to Young Girl 

Police in Brewer are looking for a young girl who, they say, was talking to a suspicious driver, early Thursday morning. According to witness reports, a man in a white station wagon was talking to the girl at the Elm Street intersection of South Main Street. Police say, when a passerby stopped to ask the girl if she knew the man, he drove away toward Bangor on South Main Street. Another adult female approached the witness, saying she knew the girl and would call the police. The Brewer Police Department says they weren’t made aware of the incident until later in the afternoon. At this point, the young girl has not been identified.Police believe she is about 7-years-old with shoulder length dark hair and was wearing a pink skirt and white top at the time.The Brewer School Department has not been able to confirm that the child is a student in the city. The man was described as a clean shaven white male in his mid-thirties with medium length dark brown hair parted in the middle. Witnesses say his white station wagon had a “boxy” front end and no rear license plate.Anyone with more information is asked to call the Brewer Police Department at 989-7001.