Friday the 13th: Do You Believe in the Bad Luck? 

You probably noticed today is Friday the 13th. For some people it’s just another day. But for others, the superstitious aspects of it add up to a day they’d rather avoid. “I’m not normally a believer in most superstitions, but today is starting to sway me on that.”Maybe it’s the calender, maybe it’s the weather.Or maybe it’s the fact that they’ve come together that’s changing Jared Vincenzo’s mind about bad luck on this day. “My alarm didn’t go off correctly this morning, so I was late to class. I had some issues printing my paper I needed for class. My computer wasn’t working correctly during that class. So a number of things are starting to push me in the direction of believer.”Cat Coleman says, “I like to believe in them but at the same time I know it’s probably just coincidence, it’s my mind making things seem like they’re superstitious. It’s not real, actually.”Friday the 13th has a long history of turning people against it.Clinical Psychologist Dr. David Prescott says, “Interestingly with Friday the 13th, there are a lot of people that if that is something they fear or worry about, they get very anxious during the day. And we think that when you’re in that high state of anxiety, you really are more likely to do something that causes trouble.”Prescott says, psychologically, it’s easy to see why the day can get such a bad rap.”People in a sense are so worked up, they’re more like to have something happen in their life that day and they want to, by backwards association, say the reason that it happened was that it was Friday the 13th, rather than the reason that it happened is because I was worked up and anxious.”Issues that Prescott says can be treated over time, starting Saturday the 14th. “Sometimes the people that are most in need of help are the people you’re least likely to see. And in this case we believe or assume that there are some people out there who are kinda of hunkering down, just hoping to get through the day.”If you’re planning ahead, the next time we’ll see Friday the 13th on the calendar is in December.