Acquired Brain Injury Advisory Council Meets in Fort Kent 

Brain injuries were the topic of discussion Thursday in Fort Kent. The Acquired Brain Injury Advisory Council met to talk with people who have brain injuries. Experts say, in Maine, slips, falls, and car accidents cause the most brain injuries. Bob Sirois was hurt a little more than a year ago in a skiing accident. ” Barely moving you know, I was just getting off the lift in the morning, it was my first run, and I don’t know if I was going three miles an hour when the whole thing occurred. I just, my pull got caught and I fell right on my head,” said Sirois. ” Brain injury is a lonely disability, you look normal on the outside and there’s a lot going on that’s not normal on the inside, or not normal for what they’re used to,” added Kelley MacTague, co-chair of the Brain Injury Advisory Council. Council meetings will also take place in Waterville, Machias, and Lewiston.