50th Anniversary of the Cassette Tape 

Remember cassette tapes? Today is the 50th anniversary of the compact cassette tape. When the tape was invented it was the most portable and convenient way to listen to music. According to, during the 1980’s the tape was responsible for more than 50% of the revenue in the music industry. Most people have said goodbye to their old cassettes, but those who still have them say it’s because the tapes are sentimental. “It’s a very tactile sense, it’s a wonderful physical operation to listen to music,” says WHSN Station Manager, Mark Nason. “The reason why I’ve held on to them is kind of for nostalgic reasons more than anything because I honestly don’t listen to them anymore,” says Mike Dow, BIG 104FM Radio Show Host. Tapes in a music store today, cost about 25 cents.