Search Continues For Benton Man Missing Since Wednesday 

The Maine Warden Service and State Police are searching wooded areas near the East Benton Road in Benton for 86-year-old Arthur Wakeman who has been missing since yesterday afternoon.The Maine Warden Service got the call around 8:15 from concerned friends and family. “This is unusual for him to be missing like this although he is somewhat active for his age,” said Lieutenant Kevin Adam of the Maine Warden Service. Adam says Wakeman has some medical conditions, but nothing that would typically cause him to wander off.Roughly 30 searchers from the Warden Service and other agencies are currently searching for Wakeman.  State Police Troopers are knocking on doors and interviewing people in the area who may have seen Wakeman, who lives alone on the East Benton Road.”We know that he was there around early afternoon yesterday, someone went and checked in on him and they had a conversation. Then another person went on around 6:00 and he was not there at that point,” Adam said.Adam said Wakeman walks with a walking stick and doesn’t think he could have made it too far. Right now, Adam says they’re trying to eliminate the first quarter mile, but adds that there’s a maze of ATV trails in the area making travel easier for someone of Wakeman’s age. Adam said the heavy rains and downpours that moved through the area last night could become a cause for concern if Wakeman is not found soon.”The rain, the thunderstorms that came through, that can definitely cause some hypothermia especially in people that age. Obviously today, it’s very warm so I think if he keeps his wits about him and doesn’t end up in water, I’m not real concerned right now. But obviously, if the weather were to go farther, temperatures drop, that would be a cause for concern because he’s probably wet right now.”Anyone who has seen Arthur Wakeman in the past 24 hours or has any information as to his whereabouts is asked to call the Augusta Police Communication Center at 624-7076.