“New-Bees” Wanted 

A local beekeeper is looking for “new-bees.”Peter Cowin, known as “The Bee whisperer,” is teaching beekeeping for beginners.The introductory course will teach those interested everything they need to know about keeping bees to harvesting honey.He says the more beekeepers that are in the community, the better off honey bees will be in the long run.Plus, he says it’s a calming hobby, and the beginners will learn something about the environment.”They’ll get a great appreciation for nature just watching what’s going on inside a beehive like this one. Bees dancing telling each other to find pollen and nectar and then when it’s time I reproduce, swarming, and all of the different behaviors there. They are fascinating creatures,” said “The Bee Whisperer” Peter Cowin. Classes will be offered at Orono High School beginning on Wednesday, September 25th and in Hampden at Reeds Brook Middle School on Thursday, September 26th from 7-8:30pm.Sessions are thirty dollars per person and last for four weeks.You can sign up by calling Orono Adult Education: 866-4119, or Hampden Adult Education: 862-6422.