Enfield Marijuana Bust Nets 4,196 Plants 

A man from Enfield accused of having nearly 42-hundred marijuana plants in his basement may be at the center of the largest pot bust the state has ever made. 41-year-old Richard Kuhaneck is charged with three counts of cultivation of marijuana.He’s set to make his first court appearance next month. The Penobscot County Sheriff says deputies removed 4,196 immature plants from his house in May. Most of them were 6 to 8 inches tall. Assistant District Attorney Brendon Trainor says Kuhaneck doesn’t have a medical marijuana card but insists another person he knows does and he’s letting that person grow the plants in his house. The state’s most extensive pot growing operation was in Washington County.Drug agents say in September of 2009, they found nearly 3,000 fully developed pot plants in Township 37, worth about $9 million.Trainor says it’s difficult to say if the Enfield operation is definitely the state’s largest since not all of the plants may have become full grown.