Bangor Art Walk Continues To Diversify Locations 

Community members will get to experience local artists’ creations during the Bangor Art Walk. While the walk happens four times a year, the event planned for this Friday is bringing an even more diverse group of artists together.”We’re adding new energy every time, like we’re doing things that really help to push people to a place were they want to get out and go see what’s going on. And I think that’s what really drives people to come down. They’re like, ‘Oh what is happening in Bangor?’ ‘Why is it that it’s become a Mecca for artists?,'” said Brian Monahan, one of the event organizers.Friday’s walk will feature artists work at almost thirty different locations and there are some new additions this time around.”We had skipped a couple years with the art walk, but we’re so glad that we’re back on board with it because it’s such a fun and exciting event. It gets to showcase what our members are capable of and some of their fine works get shown, which is important. We have not just the various forms of paintings, but we also have potteries that are going to be in display,” said Kathy Bernier, Executive Director of the Hammond Street Senior Center. These Hammond Street Senior Center members are looking forward to displaying their works of art.”Oh the artists love showing off or course and it’s part of the nature of the beast I think to show what you do. And yes we’re very excited,” said Bernier. For the most part….”Oh it’s good, but I had a dream last night that I was all by myself and no one was here to help me,” said artist Trena Sumner. But when the art lovers do show up, “I hope they have fun. See how much fun we have,” said Sumner. Just down the street, this location hopes for they same. “For the last year or so, or a little longer, we’ve got involved with doing art classes and portrait classes and nude figure drawing classes. We have some really high end artists in here that are not just tattooists, so we figured that why not show the public or the city of Bangor and surrounding towns what we do in here and hopefully they’ll appreciate the different values and types of work that we have,” said Ed Sheffer, owner of Diversified Ink. “If you’ve been before, if you haven’t been recently, come down and check it out. And make sure you have a chance to see what it is we have going on. It’s really about creating this fun atmosphere for people to enjoy,” said Monahan. The Bangor Art Walk is free and takes place from 5-9pm Friday night.