99 Restaurant in Bangor Closing 

The 99 Restaurant in bangor will close its doors at the end of the month. The lease on the building was up, and the company chose not to renew it, due to the age of the building. The company says the restaurant’s location behind a Toys R Us was not ideal from a business stand point. The employees were given a few weeks notice, and say their manager are doing everything they can to help them find new jobs. “Usually they put a sign on the door or send a message and say you don’t have a job anymore, they’ve given us three weeks to relocate, they’re just they’re wonderful. They really are, it’s a great company we have a severance package, we have you know they’re giving us all their emails, phone numbers, addresses everything for references to help. They are doing everything possible they can do, all of them,” said Leslie Gerrish, a server at the restaurant for 10 years. 99 Restaurant told TV5, the team at the Bangor location does a great job and built a strong and loyal following. THE RESTAURANT HAS BEEN OPEN 10 YEARS, THIS OCTOBER….