Maine Forest Rangers Looking For Volunteers To Help In Cleanup Effort 

Maine Forest Rangers are asking for your help to clean-up some of the illegal dump sites all over the state.This Saturday is the 4th Annual Landowner Appreciation Cleanup Day.The event is designed to clean up the illegal dump sites on private property that landowners allow people to use for recreation.People have illegally dumped household appliances, furniture and building materials on privately owned land for years.Members of the Maine Forest Service say it’s a way to say thank you to the landowners and help preserve the use of the land for recreation.”Well if it continues what happens is the landowners they post their property and they don’t allow that public access,” said Kent Nelson, a Maine Forest Ranger. “We all kind of take it for granted but Maine is really unique that we have so much private land that allows people to recreate on.”Landowner Appreciation Cleanup Day is scheduled for this Saturday, September 14.Anyone interested in volunteering to help clean up the dump sites all over the state you’re asked to call:Jeff Currier at 827-1800 Maine Forest Rangers Service at 1-800-750-9777