City Council Approves Plans for West Market Square Redevelopment 

The Bangor city council approved plans to redevelop West Market Square Monday.In an 8 to 1 vote, the council approved the first phase or a series of projects that, they say, will improve utilities, pedestrian flow, safety, and the overall look of the area.The project will cost an estimated $975,000.Work is scheduled to start in the spring.”There is some necessary utility work that needs to get done and that is one of the reasons that we are moving it along now so that we don’t have to dig up the area to do the utility work and then fix it and then dig it up again to do the aesthetic work. Rather than do it twice, we really want get it all done at once and ultimately that will save the taxpayer’s money,” said councilor Ben Sprague. The council also voted to accept a $1,000 donation from Freightliner of Maine, to help keep the Odlin Road bus route open.The council originally voted to cut the route, starting this month, but then approved a plan to collect funds to keep busses running along Odlin.The fundraising efforts will be reviewed in October before the council considers extending service.Also, in a unanimous decision, the council accepted an ordinance change that redirects parking fines to the city, instead of the state.