Arts Community Supports Cross Insurance Center 

The celebratory ribbon cutting at the Cross Insurance Center marked the opening of a new arena and Artistic center, Tuesday. “We complete the package… the summer, you mention the waterfront concerts well obviously that doesn’t happen in December, the Collins Center for the Arts does some very nice theater,” said Cross Insurance Center General Manager, Mike Dyer. The local arts community agrees that more art is better for all of the arts.”We see that as another complementary vehicle to deliver performing arts to the greater Bangor area,” said Interim Development Coordinator at Penobscot Theater, Bernard Hope. The Cross Insurance Center will host events other venues in the area can’t. General Manager Mike Dyer says it’s the piece that was missing.”The professional bull riding, the monster jam, the monster truck shows and all the stuff that just doesn’t fit in at any of those other things,” said Dyer.From waterfront concerts to local theater, Bangor is rich with performance arts. Collins Center for the Arts Associate Director, Adele Adkins says the venues won’t upstage each other.”It’s nothing but a benefit and a plus. We’re not in competition at all, they have a very different purpose than we do here,” said Adkins. And the new venue will allow them to get back to their original mission.”Until the Cross Center and the waterfront we here really felt a need to sort of try to be all things to all people,” said Adkins.With more places for the arts to flourish, the spotlight on Bangor, only grows brighter.”They’re all exciting venues where different types of performing arts are delivered, and adding a big powerful theater like the Cross Insurance Center to the mix can only make Bangor a more exciting town to come and visit,” said Hope.