Manslaughter Trial Begins For 2012 Bangor Stabbing 

Day one in the manslaughter trial of Jason Trickett was held at the Penobscot Judicial Center.Trickett is charged in the stabbing death of 38 year old Andy Smith, last year in Bangor.It began with what one witness said was a day of drinking and partying in a First Street apartment, and ended with one man dead.Neither the prosecution or the defense disagrees Jason Trickett stabbed and killed Smith during the early morning hours of Tuesday May 21st, 2012.They disagree about whether or not it was manslaughter or self defense.Trickett’s defense attorney Hunter Tzovarras said “It’s not a crime to protect yourself from someone who is trying to hurt you, it’s not a crime to protect other people from being hurt and of course the law allows them to use deadly force, to protect the,selves from using deadly force against them.”While Assistant Attorney General Andrew Benson said in his opening statements “The suggestion that Mr. Trickett was justified in his endeavors that he either acting in self defense or in the defense of others, I would submit is, either misplaced or will not be born out by the evidence,”Opening statements wrapped up in the morning, and the first witness was called to the stand as each side began to present their case. “Mr. Trickett tellingly told the Bangor Police Department that people get freaked out when they use a lot of bath salts, and in a later interview he said he didn’t want to be labeled as just a bath salts user, who killed another bath salts user.” said Benson. “But, sad to say, that is almost certainly what happened in this case.””When Jason talked to the police just hours after this occurred out on First Street that he was sober, in fact the detective said they like talking to the sober guy, they’d notice he’s sober and they want to talk to him,” said Tzovarras. “Nobody thought he was on bath salts or was intoxicated, there is not going to be any evidence of thy your honor.”This is not a jury trial it will be heard only by Justice William Anderson, and is expected to last about three days.