Central Maine Derby Skaters Do It All 

By day, Ellen Lauer helps kids feel better working as a pediatrician. Amy Blackstone chairs the sociology department at the University of Maine. Jennifer Eastman is an estate planning and probate attorney. But what brings these three professional women together at night, might surprise you. “I think that the community is really impressed by the women of Central Maine Derby and I think that they’re surprised when you find out that we come from these very professional backgrounds. You know I’m a pretty serious boring lawyer by day, but I think a lot of my clients are amused when they find out I can put on a pair of skates and tear up a roller derby track at night,” said Eastman, a Central Maine Derby skater. Eastman is one of the many derby girls who juggle a demanding career, time with her kids, and her responsibilities as a blocker on the team. She loves the stress release of the sport, and that it’s a great workout. “This is not like the old fashion roller derby. This is pretty hard core athletics,” she said. While Lauer makes sure to stay clean all day, this doctor gets dirty at night on the track. She goes by the derby name “PainBow Brite.””I mean I love being part of a team. I love being active and I love hitting people. It’s very fun. It’s a great group of girls, good way to get out some energy that you don’t get all the time by typing on a computer all day,” said Lauer. Blackstone is teaching “Sociology of Gender” to her students. She thought about using her experience as a roller derby girl for research, but she decided she’d rather keep it separate from work. She got hooked watching the sport a few years ago. “There’s something really cathartic about this sport. I mean the hitting is certainly a part of it, but just pushing yourself athletically in any way is very cathartic and I think there are few opportunities for women who aren’t professional athletes to do this kind of activity with other women so that was a huge draw to me,” said Blackstone. The Central Maine Derby will be the first local sports team to play in the new arena this month. They were the last to play at the Bangor Auditorium. Good luck trying to stop these women, they are on a roll. “We have this incredible diverse group of women who come from all different backgrounds and experiences and all being their skills and we put them all together and make them work,” said Eastman. Central Maine Derby’s bout at the Cross Insurance Center is on Sunday, September 22nd at 3pm.Tickets can be purchased at the Cross Insurance Center Box Office or online through Ticketmaster.For more information about Central Maine Derby check out their website Central Maine Derby or Facebook page Central Maine Roller Derby.