People Rally for Food Freedom 

Last month, we told you about a mother from Brooklin who said she was getting flack from the state because of what she feeds her baby. Thursday, people got together in Bangor to support her. Alorah Gellerson, 17, feeds her son homemade goats milk. Gellerson says she adds nutrients to the milk. Her doctor reported it to the Department of Health and Human Services and Gellerson claims they threatened to take her son away. At a rally in Cascade Park, people brought signs and spoke, promoting food freedom. ” It’s important for people to have choices, fundamental choices of food, of medicines, what they put into their body,” said Carole Piasecki, an organizer of Thursday’s rally. ” We should have freedom to feed our kids what we want and not have people interfere. Goat milk is not bad for him, and he’s growing and thriving,” added Gellerson. Gellerson says her son has been looked at by other doctors, and she was scheduled to have a follow up appointment Thursday, but the doctor canceled it, saying they didn’t find anything wrong with the baby.