Old Town Animal Owners Appear in Court 

The couple whose home police raided in July, removing animals of all kinds were in court Thursday morning. Jason and Rebecca Tkacs pleaded not guilty to three counts each of animal cruelty. Police removed cats, ducks, chickens and rabbits from the Old Town home. The couple says they were in the process of moving to Lagrange, where there would be more space for their animals. They also say they gave many of the animals away and tried to get local agencies to take some of them off their hands. “Aside from the room that the ducks were in, and the room that the chickens were in, which were both closed…. it’s not like they were running all over the house,” said Rebecca Tkacs.”We tried everything that we could as far as getting rid of the animals like I said, I think we put out ads on first class at the university, we called all the outlets and agencies that were available, all they wanted were kittens. They didn’t want any adults,” said Jason Tkacs.”I would never even consider putting them in harms way and obviously as the money ran out we had a harder and harder time getting the things we needed. But nobody even cared that if we popped the trunk they could see we had a brand new bag of cat food and a brand new bag of rabbit food sitting in the trunk,” said Rebecca. The couple says they have moved out of the Old Town home. They are scheduled to be back in court in November.