Bangor Firefighter Rescues Dog 

After two hours of searching, emergency crews in Bangor got the call for help. They needed to perform a rescue Wednesday on Harlow Street. ” Right there, the dog was stuck on,” described Bangor City Councilor Ben Sprague on Thursday afternoon. Sprague was driving home on Wednesday when he noticed people pointing to the top of a cliff. ” It was on a leash, it just got into a spot that was a little higher than it bargained for,” said Sprague. A golden retriever was on top of the cliff with no easy way down. Bangor firefighter Bruce Johnson loves animals. Last year, he pulled a kitten out of a burning house and ended up adopting it. On Wednesday, Johnson got another chance to save a furry friend. ” The dog was very friendly, just shaken and scared, covered in mud,” explained Johnson. Sprague filmed as Johnson helped the pup. ” I got him down approximately 3/4 of the way before the dog started to squirm and kind of got away from me, dropped out of my hands, landed about 3 feet down. So that’s a lot better than 20 feet,” said Johnson. The rescue was a first for Bangor Police Officer Jeremy Brock. ” I’ve heard of cat in a tree, but not dog on a cliff, so I think that was a first for a lot of people,” said Brock. It certainly wasn’t a typical emergency call, but it’s one the crews are proud of. ” It was a good outcome. People got their dog back, it’s a feel good thing for us. That’s what we’re here for, that’s what we do,” said Johnson.