“Molly” Making a Deadly Name for Itself 

In recent weeks, a drug called “molly” is being glamorized in pop culture.While the name may sound sweet, its effects can be deadly.It’s being blamed for a number of young adult’s deaths on the East Coast.”Molly is really an old drug with a new name. Most people know it best by MDMA or the street name ecstasy. Really it is no more than ecstasy in powder form. Obviously, there has been a certain amount of attention drawn to it recently because of some overdose deaths associated with it,” said Peter Arno, Division Chief Commander with the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency. The drug, typically associated with raves and dance clubs, produces hallucinations and increases the heart rate.Two young adults died from MDMA related overdoses at a music festival in New York last weekend. Another died of a possible molly overdose at a concert in Boston last week. Some students I spoke with at the University of Maine say they’ve heard of the drug. “So I’ve heard that it’s like the pure form of ecstasy. It’s supposed to be a safe alternative or something, but it’s really not something you should be doing,” said Issac Couture, a student from Jay. “I just know a lot of kids have been definitely getting into it. My ex-boyfriend actually did it last year, it’s half the reason why I broke up with him,” said junior Dana Libhart from Bangor. With an electronic music concert coming to the school this month, a student EMT told me they’re being cautious,”As a whole service we have been preparing for the concert and were expecting there to be other drugs there such as Molly and a lot of alcohol, so we’re preparing with UMPD to make sure that those type of things don’t get into the concert and if they do we’re prepared to take care of those people when it happens,” said Alana Silverman, a junior from Oakland. “It’s definitely underrated I guess. Kids don’t think it’s as big of a deal as it really is,” said Libhart. He says statewide there have been four arrests associated with MDMA this year and they’ve seized 2.5 ounces of the drug.While he says the use of the drug isn’t overwhelming in the state, yet, they are still looking for it.”It’s something that folks need to pay attention to, parents need to pay attention to, you know talk to their kids and as a community we need to work together. If we do determine there’s an up tick in the use of the drug and the sale of the drug, then as a group we need to form some response to that,” said Arno. The Mine Drug Eforcement Agency says drug trends statewide vary from location to location.If you see any suspicious behavior, you can anonymously write in tips on their website: Maine Drug Enforcement Agency.They say if you have any addiction concerns about someone you know, make sure to get them the help they need.