Tonka Truck Challenge 

Chances are your first truck was a Tonka.The bright, yellow metal toys have been a favorite for generations.Now, a group in Searsport is sponsoring a contest to bring the classics back to life.Joy Hollowell tells us about the Tonka Truck Restoration Challenge. ====”One of my best friends when I was a youngster, Chipper Pekley, actually they own Pelkey Transportation and Oil. And Chipper shared all of his toys with me. And he had a bunch of Tonka trucks. We’d sit out there and play with them all day long. And I just remember those great days.”Joe Plummer wants to bring those great days back again as well as the treasured toys. That’s why he’s organized the Tonka Truck Restoration Challenge. Judging takes place at the Fling Into Fall event in Searsport on Columbus Day weekend.”Just a metal truck of sorts, it would have to be a size similar, not necessarily extra large but something larger than you know, the little hot wheels, that would take a bit of effort to clean up and get ready for the show,” explains Plummer.There are two age categories, 10 and under and 11 and up. Parents and local shops can help the contestants. And the prizes are pretty spectacular- two electric scooters as well as a mini go cart.”What we’d like to have them do as they’re working on their project is take some photographs,” explains Plummer. “Take a photograph before they start, and then a couple of photographs as they’re working on it, and we’re gonna give them extra points for that.”Attention to detail, says Plummer, is the name of the game.”We don’t want them to be all yellow trucks,” he says. “We want to see some really neat, customized trucks, kind of like what you’d see at the car show.”+++To register for the Tonka Truck Restoration Project, you can call Joe Plummer at 548-2834.There will be two Tonka Truck Repair workshops leading up to the judging.Contestants can receive free, professional help with fixing their trucks.The first takes place Saturday, September 28th from 9 a.m. – Noon at Searsport Motor Co., 315 East Main Street in Searsport.The second is scheduled for Saturday, October 5th, 9 a.m. – Noon at Searsport Automotive and Tires, 357 West Main Street, Searsport.