Hermon Couple To Open A “Sweet” Frozen Yogurt Shop 

While summer is coming to an end, there’s something sweet coming to Bangor this fall. “A high school and college goal of mine has really been to own a franchise and we really wanted to have it in our Maine community that we live and this franchise allowed us to do that,” said Doug Reed, Co-Owner of Sweet Frog Maine.These parents of three from Hermon thought opening a self-serve frozen yogurt and toppings bar would hit the spot. “Doug and I worked with teens a lot a few years ago and a lot of them, they’re still our friends and they’ve gone down to college, and we noticed on Facebook actually that they’re all hanging out at these frozen yogurt shops and that’s what made me initially want to check it out,” said his wife, Sweet Frog Maine Co-Owner Alison Reed. Sweet Frog will be located right next to Five Guys on Stillwater Avenue once construction is finished next month. The couple visited 9 locations from DC to Virginia and knew they wanted to open one close to home.”I was raised in the Bangor area and we love the Bangor community. We have a business that’s a cleaning company, but we just love this concept of being an outreach more in the community where we can just get to know people and also have a gathering place for the community where they can come and hang out and just have a good time,” she said. Sweet Frog will have up to 16 flavors of frozen yogurt each day and more than 70 toppings to choose from. They’ll also host birthday parties.”Our baby started K-4 preschool this year, so there’s no more kids in the house. This is our new baby. So this is going to be a fun thing to keep us all busy and active,” said Alison Reed. “The closest one is Worcester, MA, so we’re bringing the first one here in Maine and we’re excited about it,” said Doug Reed. To stay updated on when they will actually be opening, as well as employment opportunities, visit their Facebook page: Sweet Frog Maine