Former Maine Deputy Brings Comedy Show to Maine 

A former Maine deputy has traded in arresting people, for making them laugh. Juston McKinney was a deputy in southern Maine. He uses things that happened to him while on patrol, as material for his comedy routine. He’s been on The Tonight Show and Comedy Central, but now, he’s coming home to entertain Mainers. He says he liked being a cop, but comedy is a better fit. ” I personally don’t know if I was like, ya know, you’ve got to be tough, ya know, and I’m kinda like, a wimpy guy. I weigh like 140 pounds. If you really like needed a cop to save your life, I don’t think you want me showing up,” said Juston McKinney. His show, ” Deer, Moose, Ticks, and Hicks” is Friday night at 8 at the Gracie Theatre. You can get tickets at the box office or online at