Maine’s Congressional Delegation Reacts to Obama’s Stance on Syria 

Members of Maine’s Congressional Delegation have been responding to Obama’s announcement on Saturday.Republican U.S. Senator Susan Collins released the following statement:”Congress must be involved in this weighty decision, and I strongly agree with the president’s decision to seek congressional approval for this military action.In fact, I hope that the president will encourage the leaders of the senate and the house to reconvene next week to begin further consideration of the administration’s plan immediately.In the meantime, I will continue to receive both classified and unclassified briefings to evaluate the wisdom and feasibility of the president’s plan and look forward to participating in the senate debate.”Independent U.S. Senator Angus King released the following statement:”I believe the president is right to seek the support and approval of the United States Congress before moving forward with military action against the Assad regime.”He also said,”I will review the evidence and arguments with great care before deciding how I will vote on this difficult and important issue.”Representative Chellie Pingree (D) released a brief statement as well.She said,”I’m inclined to vote no but will listen to the president and glad he is seeking the approval of congress.”