People From All Over Attend Blue Hill Fair 

The Blue Hill Fair is back in town.The town started the fair in 1891 and since then people have come from all over to check out the music, animals, and of course, the rides.A Couple from New Jersey, Carol and Angelo, enjoyed the festivities. “We’ve been coming here for years. Yup. Several years.”While a brother and sister duo, Jen and Tom Snow, from the town said it’s a way of life. “My family’s everyone has a job here so it’s just been a tradition for us every year.” If you take a walk down the medway and you’ll find every type of food you can imagine or maybe you head to grand stand for a show.No matter your reason for attending the fair, many visitors say the same thing when it’s over, they’ll keep coming back for more.The fair is open until 6:30 on Monday.