Truck Driving Program At Dexter School Gearing Students Up For Their Careers 

Students in Dexter are getting their careers in gear.The Tri-County Techinal center has ramped up their truck driving program.By this fall, they expect to be nationally accredited.They say they’re excited to give students a hands on oppurtunity in this career field.”We’re taking it to a new level. This is not a new class, but it’s revamped with a new instructor that has moved in house, and it’s going to be something just huge and pretty impressive, I think,” said Brian Welsh, Student Services Coordinator at TCTC.”It’s a year long training. it’s so many hours, so much exposure, so much training that they’re not going to get just going to the state of Maine and taking the driver’s test,” said Vicki Kimball, the lead instructor of the truck driving program at TCTC.Students will learn the in’s and out’s of being a professional truck driver.By the end of the year, the students will plan an eight to nine hour road trip.