How to Spice up a School Lunch 

School is back in session.While kids hop on the buses, parents are hitting the pantries and making lunches.Mary Lavanway is a registered dietician and a mom herself.She said one way to take the stress off you is to get the kids involved. “It’s really important for them to feel like they have a choice and they’re part of this process.” The dietician said non-traditional lunches and some variety also helps. “I often think that if you can have at least three things in the rotation. There’s something different for three out of the five days of the week and you can start over again.”Lavanway gave us three easy meals to put together:A traditional turkey and cheese sandwich with some fruits and veggies.Here’s a different idea: you can also try a healthy pasta salad with leftovers from dinner, just add some feta cheese, tomatoes, and spinach too.Lavanway says making things fun and visual will also make it easier for your kids to try healthier things. You can take a twist on pizza and add some spiniach on a health wrap and you’ll have a nice looking pizza roll up!Don’t be stingy on the sides, Lavanway said. Why not stuff a baby pepper with hummus? Or turn your fruit into funky shapes with a cookie cutter.”If they know there’s something that they like in that lunch box, they’re going to open it,” said Lavanway.For more tips on how to keep your kids lunch balanced, head to