Central Maine Police Cracking Down On Those Who Buy Alcohol For Minors 

Police in central Maine are cracking down on people who buy alcohol for minors.Oakland Police Sergeant Tracey Frost heads up the Northern Kennebec Underage Drinking Task Force they’ve set up stings using underage under-covers to catch people in the act.They’re also putting underage corrections officers in stores to see if they’re able to purchase alcohol.Police are happy to report the stores for the most part are doing very well when it comes to not selling alcohol to minors But they are finding a lot of people in store parking lots willing to buy alcohol for minors they don’t even know.They say they’re trying to stop the underage drinking parties before they start.”I think it’s important for people to remember and it’s hard sometimes that these are kids. You know they’re children. They’re underage for a reason,” Frost said. “Because they cannot and it’s been scientifically proven that they don’t think as well and don’t react as well to situations . And if you were a parent and somebody bought your 18-year-old son beer, you’d be furious, So why would it be okay for you to do that to an 18-year-old.”Anyone who buys alcohol for a minor faces up to $500 in fines for the first offense. A second offense means fines and jail time.